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The Art of Battle


Knowing oneself is vital to survival on the Isle of Demons.  A warrior can scarcely be called such without knowledge of these attributes:

HP : If you run out of health, you will become incapacitated.
Fullness : Decreases with time, after which food effects end.
SP : Skill points used for fighting skills and raiment skills.
Strength : The power of your physical attacks.
Vitality : Your resistance to enemy attacks.
Magic : The power of fighting skills and some raiment skills.
Luck : Confers a variety of beneficial effects.
Gusto : The power of your active food effects.


While out on your hunts, it would be prudent to keep an eye on the time of day. Demons grow stronger at night, and without a light source you will be unable to see. Know your limits and return to the mountain pass before dusk to eat a meal and get some much-needed rest. As the days go by, so too will the seasons. Each season lasts for three days, so plan your outings accordingly as you continue to care for the rice.

Quick Attack

Quick Attack

A fast strike with your one-handed weapons. Deploy the quick attack in rapid succession to build a combo, and push the left stick upward or downward to change the direction of the combo.

Heavy Attack

Heavy Attack

A bruising blow with your two-handed weapon. Heavy attacks can also be chained for combo attacks or can be deployed in tandem with quick attacks, but they are slower and leave you more vulnerable.

Fighting Skills

Fighting Skills

These combat techniques utilize your one-handed and two-handed weapons. Their capacity for damaging and repositioning enemies can turn the tide of even the toughest bouts. It would be wise to learn as many as you can during the course of your journey. Fighting skills will also level up as you use them, so if you find one that suits your combat style, continue to invest in it!

Raiment Skills

Raiment Skills

These special abilities utilize the divine raiment's powerful reach. They can inflict your enemies with status ailments, weaken their defenses, and so much more. Be sure to take advantage of everything this beloved heirloom has to offer.

Attack Attributes

Attacks have one of four attributes: Strike, Slash, Pierce, and Magic. The attribute of a given attack depends on the weapon and skill used. Some attack attributes are more effective against certain enemies than others.

Attack Damage Orange

An orange damage display means the attack is effective.

Attack Damage Red

A red damage display means the attack is super effective.

Attack Damage Blue

A blue damage display means the attack is ineffective.

Hunting Gear

Hunting Gear

1. Weapons

The Isle of Demons is rich in resources such as ores and wild plants.  If enough materials are procured, Kinta may be willing to forge various types of weapons and farm tools.  As a martial goddess, you wield both one-handed and two-handed weapons.

2. Armor

Though weapons will bolster your offenses, do not forget to improve your defenses with a sturdy set of armor.  Yui is a deft weaver and, if supplied with the correct materials, she could craft garments and accessories befitting a god.

3. Hidden Powers

Hidden power lies dormant within your equipment.  You can release these abilities once you have met certain conditions.  Releasing a piece of equipment’s true power will increase its attributes, and you may even find new uses for it.

4. Spirit Boughs

Spirit boughs are clusters of spiritual energy that contain hidden powers and can be applied to equipment.  Gathering them will increase your power as a harvest goddess in the field and a war goddess in battle.  Some spirit boughs can change the attribute type of the weapon that they are applied to.  To apply a spirit bough, open the Equipment submenu of the pause menu and select a piece of equipment with an available slot.

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