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Thanks much to you too, Sakuna.  I make very good food today in gratitude!
Character Index
Character Index
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  • Sakuna
  • Tama
  • Tauemon
  • Kinta
  • Myrthe
  • Yui
  • Kaimaru
  • Kokorowa
  • Lady Kamuhitsuki
  • The Ashigumo
  • The Kappa
  • Ishimaru

A missionary who has come to Yanato to preach the faith of Formos.  While she is a holy woman, she is also well versed in medicine and a scholar in her own right.  Her bright personality extends beyond her religion, and she is able to warm the hearts of those who have faced much hardship.


Fortunately, this woman from the western land of Ventania is also adept in the culinary arts...or so she claims.  Upon entering the house, you'll find Myrthe by the hearth.  Speak with her to plan your meal for the evening, process perishable ingredients, and eat dinner.

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