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Now I can make all the clothes I've been dreamin' of for so long!  Thank ya kindly, Goddesses.  I'm so, so happy.
Character Index
Character Index
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  • Sakuna
  • Tama
  • Tauemon
  • Kinta
  • Myrthe
  • Yui
  • Kaimaru
  • Kokorowa
  • Lady Kamuhitsuki
  • The Ashigumo
  • The Kappa
  • Ishimaru

A charming young girl who grew attached to Kinta and has stayed by his side ever since.  Though she appears to be rather mild-mannered, she is crafty and cunning, and won't let her guard down even for a moment.  She displays weaving and handicraft skills that are unparalleled.


Yui's skill at the loom is matched only by her affection for Kinta, though her reasons for following him are known only to herself.  Once the proper materials have been procured and the weaving hut has been built, Yui will offer her weaving services.  Speak with her in the hut to request new armor, provided you have the required materials on hand.

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