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The Ashigumo
The Ashigumo
You're not a demon.  Are you a servant of Kamuhitsuki?  Whoever you are, you will rot here for all eternity.
Character Index
Character Index
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  • Sakuna
  • Tama
  • Tauemon
  • Kinta
  • Myrthe
  • Yui
  • Kaimaru
  • Kokorowa
  • Lady Kamuhitsuki
  • The Ashigumo
  • The Kappa
  • Ishimaru
The Ashigumo

A beastlike tribe native to Hinoe.  The Ashigumo have long been in conflict with the gods of the capital, fighting to ensure that they would not be conquered.  They are a proud warrior race who thrive and survive best on their own.

The Ashigumo

One such member of the Ashigumo is deeply indebted to Sakuna's esteemed father.  He will honor that debt by guarding the mountain pass and the fields, leaving Sakuna free to explore the wilderness without having to worry about her home being attacked...for now.

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